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All Red Case / Black Inserts

If you are thinking about switching your POW between two modes of travel — say a bicycle and a scooter, consider purchasing an additional universal mounting plate to easily 'hot-swap' the carrier from one plate to the other.

All Red Case / Black Inserts

  • Weight: 7kg

    Dimensions: 42x42x37 cm.

    Max transportable weight: 10kg

    Volume: 35 litres

    Helmet capacity: 2 x jet style or 1 x full face

    Mounting mode: In both directions of travel (motorcycle, scooter and bike)

    Mounting position in a car: Placed on seat and secured by passing the seat-belt buckle through the POW carry handle and clicking it into the cars belt anchor 

    Material: Outer body - polypropylene

    Material inserts: PA6 Polyamide

    Material porthole: Polycarbonate

    Plate material: PA6 Polyamide + 25% glass charge

    Type of lock: Integrated cylinder

    Number of keys: 2

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